Revamp Your Kitchen in Just 5 Simple Steps!

Kitchen is one of the most important corners of a house. If you think your kitchen looks dull, you must not wait to revamp it. It is not necessary that you need a huge amount to decorate it, a little effort can make a difference. There are different styles that you could choose from are:

• Happy Modern style
• Eclectic
• Classic Glam
• Simple Chic
• Organic Modern

There are five simple steps; you could follow to give a garden fresh look. What I believe is creativity has no barrier and it could be implemented at all costs, all you need is to have taste, aesthetics and sense to manage within your budget. You could choose any one style or could implement a chunk of all to make it contemporary.

A Coat of Paint:

A coat of paint works as a painkiller! As soon as you do it, it gives a newfangled look and a relief. If you think you are unable to afford a painter, you could try it yourself. Painting is quite an interesting job until you have all the equipment. All you need is a paint bucket, a roller paintbrush, spackle and a spatula, metal paint scraper, fine grit sandpaper, painter’s tape, mild soap and towels, paint tray, 3-inch paintbrush for edges, primer (undercoat) etc.

Believe it or not, these things are not at hard to find, in fact, you could get them at any hardware shop. Before you set-off to paint, fill in the hinges and holes with poteen to avoid uneven look. You should also check these kitchen colors schemes.

You could even choose to paint your kitchen in combination! Always go for light colors as they invite more sunlight and give a fresh crisp look every morning.

Add In-door Plantation:

By adding in indoor plantation or flowerpots, you’ll ultimately feel life in your kitchen. With this, one of your corners is done! All you need is to paint your old flowerpots or buy new pots to decorate your kitchen. Tall or elongated pots are in this year, you could fix a spotlight at that corner to make it catchy whenever there are guests in your house.

Put up a Frame:

Lightweight wooden picture frames look good in kitchen. If any of your walls is free, try to put up two to three small frames in a pattern. It could be a pencil sketch; it could be a floral design or a simple kitchen relevant picture. It would add colors and spice up the environment.

Curtains/ Blinds or Chicks:

If you have a kitchen window, I would advise you to add yellow plastic curtains so that you could wash them anytime. Or else, wooden urban chicks or blinds give an old classic look. That’s affordable yet trendy for a change.

Add Pottery or Hanging Lamps:

First you should check the depth of hanging interior variety available online.

You must have empty corner shelves or a little space at your counter. If so, add pottery to your shelves and put some dry flowers in them. Your kitchen would smell good all the time pottery is an evergreen decorative item. If you think adding pottery would suffocate the space, you could add hanging lamps to improve lighting issues. I have got these  inspirations from one Saudi Kitchen Design Store, My Arabic Friends, go to: افضل محلات المطابخ في جدة

This way you could revamp your kitchen in quite an economical way! If you think, you have budgets to have some flooring or shelf redesigning, go for it. All what matters is kitchen must look good and make you feel good.


Lighting the Way x

Maison Bentley Style


In my dreams there’s an Abigail Ahern chandelier hanging over my dining room table.  Scrap that – we’re talking dreams..they’ll be two! (and a reinforced ceiling) This one has my heart – it’s made from tiny squares of porcelain that would gently glow on a dark winters night. But at £15,050 a light (the extra £50 tickles my sensibilities) it remains firmly on the once-I’ve-won-the-lottery-lust-list…


There’s also this one (at a mere £2,750) which makes me want to break open the kid’s air-drying clay and get creative.  The truth is Abigail’s whole aesthetic makes me want to squeal..the dark, brooding colours with the unexpected pops of colour, the quirky touches and an underlining sense of humour that spontaneously make me smile with pure pleasure.


So it’s rather wonderful that she’s teamed up with Debenhams to design a range especially for them…


I laugh!


For the study?


Guarding the front door?

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